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Then my friend texted, 'Oops.' I checked and I'd sent the pics to an old group text, which contained all these guys I'm not friendly with and random people who I barely speak to. "One morning, the guy I'd hooked up with the previous night would not leave my bed. I can't imagine how many random dick pics he received. "When I was studying abroad in Paris, my hair caught on fire at a nightclub.

"I was getting ready for a wedding and sending my friends photos, asking their opinions on my look. "I have two boyfriends in Ireland, and they're both named Steven. I'm going to visit, and I have to split it up: three days with Steven 1, three days with Steven 2." —10. To get back at him, I posted a picture on Tinder and asked for dick pics, but I used his number instead of mine.

That was when we soon found out that it was evidently the year of the lady in the Marine Corps.

I look at all the real women now defending our country and marvel that the most important thing we had to worry about was if our lipstick matched our cap cord.

Charles and Sandy Trotter, parents of 19-year-old college student who was raped and murdered in1999.

Larry Ray Swearingen was convicted in July 2000 of the capital murder of Melissa Trotter.

For more observant Jews, foregoing foreskin is just one of many rules and customs that govern how and when a couple can canoodle.

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The Troop Mall has absolutely everything (for the most part) you'll need to purchase for basic training, and you'll find that your T. likes you a whole lot better if your stuff looks just like everyone else's stuff. One of those bags will be your duffle bag full of uniforms.

If you’ve ever walked by a Yeshiva, you’ll notice the female students wearing long skirts and sleeves, and possibly tights.

But how and to what you degree you cover up is largely cultural and not so much a matter of scripture. While the tradition of covering one’s hair is vaguely alluded to in scripture, how this rule is interpreted and practiced is very much cultural.

Meanwhile the family of the victim wait for justice.

I only have two government issue items from my two years of active duty in the Marine Corps: sable haired make-up brushes. I went though boot camp in the summer of 1974 at Parris Island .

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