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Optimal temperature and pressure levels vary in accordance to the type of mineral(s) under consideration.upstream of dams, bank erosion in the first few years after regulation, and some indefinite sedimentary redistribution, salinity, reversal of peak flows (naturally peak flows are in winter; when regulated peak flows occur in summer), and the potential for temperature fluctuations and the transfer of biota due to inter-divisional transfers (Walker, 1985, p.In theory, for restoration work, the Schumm graph could help identify design width and depth data for optimal stability.Historical land use changes accelerated both soil erosion and subsequent floodplain alluviation within the Galena River basin, Wisconsin.Soil respiration was measured in four aggrading, forested second-growth watersheds in the southern Appalachians using an identical method (alkali absorption) at intervals 23 and 24 years apart.Seasonal trends were similar, with mid-summer maxima and winter minima.

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Cyclic steps formed due to acceleration and flow thinning when the glacial lake-outburst flood spilled over a push-moraine ridge.

Classification of stability is difficult considering the complexity of FGM processes and the sensitivity of channel evolution to initial conditions.

Schumm (1960) demonstrated that stability could be inferred from analysis of Stream Bankfull Width to depth ratios and the percent of silt and clay in the channel bank and bed boundary.

Humpback dunes are characterised by downflow divergent cross-stratification, displaying differentiation into topsets, foresets and bottomsets, and are interpreted as deposited at the transition from subcritical to supercritical flow conditions or vice versa.

Gradual lateral and vertical transitions between humpback dunes and antidune deposits are very common.

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