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I didn't realize that Liam thought of our conversation as a date until he walked me home.Outside my apartment, he caught my eyes dead-on, hoping for a kiss.If a woman is found to be the "supporting" spouse in a marriage, then the woman would be just as likely to be required to pay alimony as a man would in the opposite situation.In North Carolina, it is pretty rare to see lifetime alimony awards unless the marriage was a long one (i.e., 20 years in most cases).For him, that meant using a new name and wearing a binder—a tight, meshy undershirt—to tamp down his chest. I felt myself drawn to Liam's frankness, so when he asked me to lunch, I said yes. That next Monday, we met at a café near my apartment.

Every jurisdiction differs regarding how alimony is calculated.

Even though their relationship after the divorce was not that great, it was still quite an emotional blow to him.

Steve told me, "I didn't think I would feel this way.

"), others have feelings of loss and even depression."While I know that the marriage is over, I just hadn't thought about how it would feel to be replaced by another man," Steve told me.

"I knew that she was dating other guys, but I just never thought she would remarry and maybe feel about someone else the way she felt about me once upon a time." So, if you have some weird feelings about your ex-spouse remarrying, how can you handle it and what should you do to make this moment of truth a little more manageable?

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