Dating las service vegas

My name is Christina :) im Scorpio and a Slytherin! I love people, seeing people smile, the color grey, clouds and rain, out doors, and movie nights. I love editing, the stress and the beautiful master peice in the end I was warned my profile was to offensive/ innapropriate and they deleted everything...

Let the Las Vegas Monorail be your Transportation Solution!

Xpress Non-Stop Service and Economy Service available for attendees of ASD 2018.

LASxpress offers: SCOOTER AND WHEELCHAIR RENTAL Scootaround is the exclusive scooter and wheelchair rental service of ASD.

From California🌊 but reside in sin city favorite color is red i love food and dancing social drinking and wrighting 🎶 i have to beautiful daughters 3 and 4 in age. So let's start over :) Cute face, fat waist Pretty funny Vulgar No filter Live with my best friend 2 dogs Like rock, alternative, Main stream radio to an extent, some EDM, today's country (GASPS*** yes county if you don't like if you don't have to listen not a big deal I dont listen to it often) Im not into super sensitive people, I myself am not sensitive lol pretty hard to offend me. I'm not here to be a booty call I love cereal (random) Tattoos are a bonus Smart is sexy I'm pretty cool to hang out with you will always have fun And I want to see the world and travel like no ones business.

Im single i like being positive and getting money My name is Jamie. Snapchat: jammin.jamie I'm a 46yr old I have a 27yr old daughter.. I'm 100% romantic and love to treat my lady with love and respect always.. I am nerdy,fun,open minded, adventurous, kind hearted, quirky, creative. I love being able to put on a costume and be someone else.

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