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Herrmann, back from the hospital, limps into the firehouse, telling the guys he may never walk straight again.

After distraught glances are exchanged, Herrmann hops up and does a little jig. The Chief introduces Nicki Kahler, who'll be helping with the payroll.

Eyes widen as she steps in; she's stunning, all long limbs and mysterious smiles.

The daughter of an old friend, the Chief expects everyone to treat her like she's their sister, but some tension is already felt between her and Severide.

Throughout her career, Felin has worked on factual and narrative films for European and American television.

She produced and co-curated the critically-acclaimed Haiti on Screen in 2004 to celebrate Haiti’s bicentennial.

Προσφέρονται μέσα σε διαφανές σακουλάκι δεμένο με α...

Director: Guetty Felin Country: Haiti Year: 2016 Running Time: 88 min.

When Severide spots Mills with one hand on the ladder, he's infuriated. When Severide hears the Dardens are going to be there, he tries to get out of it by picking up an extra shift, but the Chief's not having it.

The team rescue two teens trapped in a car and Casey and Hallie have more problems in their shaky relationship. Kelly tells her he's been meaning to come by, but Heather stops him, fire in her eyes.

Grabbing a cup of coffee, Severide runs into Heather and the kids at the local cafe. She claims Andy would have never even been a firefighter had he not known Severide.

Instead, she gives the narrative back to the Haitian people, whose lives cannot be reduced headlines.

And as her characters begin to heal, Felin suggests that the island will too.

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