History dating back to 1773 bbs

After the death of Emperor Tiberius, the Senate chose Caligula for the throne and hence, he was the one to receive the titles.

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– you can download it for free from Project Gutenberg.

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This was a mixture of heath and woodland over which the Crown had rights of timber and deer pasturage.

In the mid-seventeenth century it was, probably, illegally enclosed. The survey map of Windsor Forest by John Norden didn’t show any enclosure or building at south Hill. A title deed of 1683 indicates that enclosure and some building had taken place.

However, it is not always the wrongs that we need to keep an account of; most of the time it is the recollection of achievements of our ancestors that we remember, hindering them from slipping into oblivion.

Many great inventions and discoveries that have changed our lives for good have their roots in the past.

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