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Customize which files Git tracks through the gitignore feature.Create a .gitignore file in your Git repo to prevent Git from staging unwanted files.Many thanks; Then is there a way to get the Time out of " Ignored" and back to a status where it'll pass to the next payroll?The interesting thing is that People Books reads (and maybe I'm interpreting it wrong) that by setting that indicator in the off position that it would kick it to RP.The syntax for this file is the same as the one used in .gitignore.Set up a global .gitignore for use across all repos on your system using the command line This is particularly useful for ignoring entire file types you don't want to ever commit, such as compiled binaries.I'm running PS 9.1 I have Time that gets passed to Payroll. After Confirm the Payable Status in Time and Labor is still at TP or CL (depending on how the TL Distribution Flags are set throughout the Tables) I've tested this both with Labor Distribution On and Off.When On: Department Table has TL Distribution indicator On Pay System in TL has Labor Distribution On TRCs are set to be included in the Distribution TL Installation Table has Set Ignore Status for Not OK To Pay turned Off When Off Department Table has TL Distribution indicator Off Pay System has Labor Distribution Off TRCs are not set to be included in Distribution TL Installation Table has Set Ignore Status for Not OK To Pay turned Off In either test the Payabale Status does not change to RP (Rejected by Payroll).

You should download a template .gitignore file for your project type and customize it to meet your needs.If your project doesn't fit a template, you can create a empty .gitignore from the command line by navigating to your Git repo and running: Windows: Modify your .gitignore to include files types, paths, and file patterns in your repo.Git starts ignoring these files as soon as the .gitignore is updated, but be sure to commit the changes if others on your team need the same set of ignored files. Changes to this file will not be shared with others and only apply to the files in that repo.I found an incident on Oracles' website that refers to the Status being changed after Pay Confirmation is run I also found reference in People Books to Pay Confirmation calling an App Engine that would invoke the change to the Payable Status I'm totally baffled and have no idea what I'm missing.Does anyone know how (or if) I can get the Payable Status in T&L changed to Rejected by Payroll using the delivered functionality.

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