Updating sync

There is also the possibility that bugs can cause high log file sync waits.In sum, high log file sync waits can be caused either by too-high COMMIT frequency in the application, or by exhausted CPU, disk or RAM resources.Last updated: April 2017 This article is for IT administrators planning to deploy the new One Drive sync client to their One Drive for Business users in work or school environments.To install the One Drive sync client for yourself, download it and read the Get started article.One way do this is by opening the Task Scheduler and literally right click on the ‘Azure AD Sync Scheduler’ task and selecting Disable from the drop down menu.

For more information about the restrictions and limitations of the One Drive sync client, see Restrictions and limitations when you sync files and folders using the new One Drive sync client.Login or register your Sync My Ride account to connect your apps with sync App Link using As an account member you will get the support you need whenever you are.We recommend using a phased rollout to avoid performances issues when deploying to a large number of users.Some additional things you might want to consider are: Important: If your users are currently using the One Drive for Business sync client (Groove.exe), and you want to move them to the One Drive sync client, see Transition from the previous One Drive for Business sync client before proceeding.

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